The Cats Who Saved America, Chapter 3, part 3

Kruger looked to the west. “How close would the ship have to be for the small rockets to reach it?”

“As close as possible,” Von Braun told him. “I think he wants you to take it all the way into New York harbor so that some bombs would fall on the city and others would go farther out to destroy large population areas.”

“It sounds like a suicide mission to me,” Kruger said.

Von Braun nodded. “it did to me, too. But he told me there are plans to have you and your crew abandon ship and the rockets would be launched automatically by electronics. The equipment is already on board. Oh, and there are other plans, too. The Fuehrer is very thorough.”

Kruger was puzzled. “Other plans?”

“I’m not sure exactly how this is being planned, but after all the rockets have been fired, the ship is to be brought close to shore and oil is to be sprayed as far out as possible.”


“And then the ship would be exploded, doing severe damage to the harbor and igniting the oil. It could set all of Manhattan Island ablaze.”

“But my crew and I would be long gone by that time.”

Von Braun nodded. “That’s what he said.”

The captain had one last question.

“Do you know whether the Fuehrer is coming here tonight so that I can discuss this with him?”

Von Braun nodded. “Yes, i think so. Oh, and what I have just told you is, of course, top secret. If I were you, I would discuss with him only the rocket launch, which he told me to explain to you”

Kruger leaned on the old ship’s railing, ” The city of New York,” he repeated to himself.


Meanwhile, Lili was informing Hans of a discovery she had made.

“In the compartment next to the captain’s quarters, lots of big boxes. Not yet opened. And a lot of cord, which I guess goes with what’s in the boxes.”

Hans licked a paw. “Sounds logical. I’ll bet Captain Kruger doesn’t know about this. We need to keep an eye on it for him. Maybe we can figure out a way to stop the nasty little man who hates cats from doing what he’s planning.”

Lili agreed, “Maybe.”

to be continued next month….


Cat Prayers


Dear God,

Thank you for giving me so many years of life. And thank you for giving me the friendship of my wonderful kitty, who is also old, but who is loving and loyal.

I have outlived all my human friends, God, and I would be very lonely were it not for the companionship of my wonderful cat. Each morning she awakens me, and we share the happiness of a new day. Without my kitty, I would have nothing to look forward to.

Bless and protect my kitty, Dear God, and if it be your gracious will, allow my kitty and me to live out our days together, and when you decide it’s time for us to go to our eternal rest, let us do so together, just as we have lived for so long together, in love and peace.

Lessons From Cats


Psychologists have said that one of the primary reasons many people are never able to achieve happiness is that they live constantly in fear of the unknown and worry about things that exist only in their imagination.

The fear that they may have some terrible illness prompts them to go to the doctor and then to worry constantly when the doctor is unable to find anything wrong.

When the economy is bad, they fear they may lose their jobs. And, of course, many religions have prospered because humans have no idea of what happens to them after they die, fear the worst and try to buy their way into heaven.

Cats don’t live in fear of the unknown. This doesn’t mean cats aren’t cautious. And it doesn’t mean cats don’t experience fear when they are threatened by something real, such as an automobile or predator. But they are able to enjoy a happiness most humans never achieve because they don’t live in fear of the unknown.

There’s a big difference between fear of the unknown and caution. Any intelligent person will exercise caution so as to guard against the legitimate possibility of danger. And when something real and dangerous is encountered, fear is an emotion that sends a rush of blood and oxygen to our brains to help us figure out how to protect ourselves.

But too many people fear things that exist only in their imaginations, and therefore cannot enjoy the real happiness that life is all about.

Cats can, because they don’t spend their lives imagining thing to be afraid of and worry about. We could learn so much from cats.


If your cat likes to go outside, check all information available to see if coyotes have been seen in your area.

Coyotes are small wolves, and they are rapidly taking over many areas of our country. They love cats –as meals.

Why are coyotes taking over our country?

Lots of people and organizations are to blame, starting with western cattle men who thought that coyotes were killing their herds. The cattlemen drove the coyotes east with gunfire and everything else available.

Also, blame the federal government, which literally moved hundreds of coyotes from the west to many eastern areas of the country.

The result has been that coyotes are now living all over Southeastern states and are moving to the north and northeast. A coyote was seen recently in New York’s Central Park, and it took much manpower to catch it.

Coyotes prey on cats and small dogs and often become very bold if garbage with food is left where they can find it.

The number of pets killed and eaten by coyotes is growing, and this means you’d better keep you cat inside if coyotes are in your area.

How do you drive away this animal?

It’s tough to do but there is one other animal it is afraid of, besides humans. Though, the coyote itself is a breed of wolf, it is very much afraid of wolves and will not go where it knows wolves are.

How does it know?

It knows by the signs wolves leave — mostly urine, which is how many animals identify other animals, friend or foe.

There are companies which sell urine of various animals, including wolf urine, which can be sprayed or placed around a yard to keep coyotes out.

But if you have a cat companion, don’t chances. If there are coyotes are around, keep you kitty indoors. It’s the only sure way to protect its safety.

Cat Conversations with Smokey and Timothy


It was a pleasant summer evening, and Smokey and little Timothy were sitting on the hillside patio overlooking the main yard of the Grey Rocks Cat Sanctuary, watching several of the other cats come and go along the driveway.

His eyes wide with youthful curiosity, Timothy turned to look at his large gray/black friend. “Where did we come from, Uncle Smokey?” You and I and all the rest of the cats in the world?”

Smokey settled into a crouch and half closed his eyes. “Good question, boy. I don’t know and neither do the humans. ‘Course, some of ’em think they do, and they’re the ones who keep the others all confused. My Mama used to tell me that way back a long time ago, Father Cat — kind of a huge old Maine Coon, I think, with a long, fluffy tail— decided there needed to be more cats on earth, and he just created a couple of ’em out of nothing. They looked just like him. Well, they multiplied like rabbits, and so here we are.”

Timothy’s eyes grew even larger. “Really?”

Smokey yawned. “Well, it’s a little far-fetched, I admit, and Mama did say a lot of cats believe it ain’t true. They think we evolved from things like the big ol’ sabor-toothed tigers. But, then, that raises the question of who created the big ol’ saber-toothed tigers. Ain’t no real good answer, son. But what I’ve come to believe is, what the heck difference does it make?”

Timothy was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

I mean we’re here, and we got this great gift called life, and if we sit around worryin’ about stuff like that, life’s gonna be over before we get a chance to enjoy it. We’ll get hit by a garbage truck or et up by a coyote or just get some cat disease, and we’ll all be gone. Shoot, I got better things to do than worry about where I came from.”

Timothy licked a paw and rubbed it across his face. “Well, however I got here, I’m mighty glad I’m here. And if Father Cat created me, then I sure appreciate it.”

Smokey half closed his eyes. “Good attitude, buddy. Good attitude. If humans would just do like us cats and enjoy what they’ve got, the world would be a better place.”

Timothy stood up and looked down at his brothers romping about on the lawn. “Well, I’m going to go down and join the fun. I think the world is a wonderful place!”

Smokey suddenly felt very good about life in general. “Me too, Tim. Me too.”

50 Lessons To Improve Your Life…

Let Your Kitty Educate You

Let Your Kitty Educate You

Let Your Kitty Educate You

There’s an old story that when God couldn’t get the humans he had created to follow his instructions — no matter now many prophets and other wise people he sent to teach them–he decided that perhaps a more attractive and lovable teacher was needed. So he created the cat and gave it the power to demonstrate to humans, by example, various he things he wanted the humans to learn.

Cats teach us not by giving orders or making threats, as human teachers often do, but simply by demonstrating through their own lives and actions the important lessons humans will benefit by knowing.

For the past decade each issue of the monthly newsletter, Cats Confidential, has included a lesson we can — and should — learn from our cats. this book is a compilation of more than 50 of those lessons — all presented in a context with which we can easily identify.


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Are Cats Really Heroes? Why?

Cat Heroes

Cat Heroes

Yes! Because Of Their Love For Others!

Throughout history are reports of acts of heroism by men and women during wartime and in time of peace. In wartime it’s usually presumed that heroism is prompted by love of country and the cause for which he or she is fighting. But in peacetime there are all sorts of reasons why a “hero” might choose to act heroically.

And that brings us to cats, who have done more heroic things than can be counted. and always for the same reason —a good one—love.

A cat will risk its life to save a human an or animal it loves deeply. And it seems to be the only creature on earth that will take such an action for such a reason.

It’s all part of a cat’s philosophy of life, which, more than most of us would suspect, is based on one thing: Love. The stories in this book reflect this philosophy.

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