If your cat likes to go outside, check all information available to see if coyotes have been seen in your area.

Coyotes are small wolves, and they are rapidly taking over many areas of our country. They love cats –as meals.

Why are coyotes taking over our country?

Lots of people and organizations are to blame, starting with western cattle men who thought that coyotes were killing their herds. The cattlemen drove the coyotes east with gunfire and everything else available.

Also, blame the federal government, which literally moved hundreds of coyotes from the west to many eastern areas of the country.

The result has been that coyotes are now living all over Southeastern states and are moving to the north and northeast. A coyote was seen recently in New York’s Central Park, and it took much manpower to catch it.

Coyotes prey on cats and small dogs and often become very bold if garbage with food is left where they can find it.

The number of pets killed and eaten by coyotes is growing, and this means you’d better keep you cat inside if coyotes are in your area.

How do you drive away this animal?

It’s tough to do but there is one other animal it is afraid of, besides humans. Though, the coyote itself is a breed of wolf, it is very much afraid of wolves and will not go where it knows wolves are.

How does it know?

It knows by the signs wolves leave — mostly urine, which is how many animals identify other animals, friend or foe.

There are companies which sell urine of various animals, including wolf urine, which can be sprayed or placed around a yard to keep coyotes out.

But if you have a cat companion, don’t chances. If there are coyotes are around, keep you kitty indoors. It’s the only sure way to protect its safety.