Cat Conversations with Smokey and Timothy


It was a pleasant summer evening, and Smokey and little Timothy were sitting on the hillside patio overlooking the main yard of the Grey Rocks Cat Sanctuary, watching several of the other cats come and go along the driveway.

His eyes wide with youthful curiosity, Timothy turned to look at his large gray/black friend. “Where did we come from, Uncle Smokey?” You and I and all the rest of the cats in the world?”

Smokey settled into a crouch and half closed his eyes. “Good question, boy. I don’t know and neither do the humans. ‘Course, some of ’em think they do, and they’re the ones who keep the others all confused. My Mama used to tell me that way back a long time ago, Father Cat — kind of a huge old Maine Coon, I think, with a long, fluffy tail— decided there needed to be more cats on earth, and he just created a couple of ’em out of nothing. They looked just like him. Well, they multiplied like rabbits, and so here we are.”

Timothy’s eyes grew even larger. “Really?”

Smokey yawned. “Well, it’s a little far-fetched, I admit, and Mama did say a lot of cats believe it ain’t true. They think we evolved from things like the big ol’ sabor-toothed tigers. But, then, that raises the question of who created the big ol’ saber-toothed tigers. Ain’t no real good answer, son. But what I’ve come to believe is, what the heck difference does it make?”

Timothy was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

I mean we’re here, and we got this great gift called life, and if we sit around worryin’ about stuff like that, life’s gonna be over before we get a chance to enjoy it. We’ll get hit by a garbage truck or et up by a coyote or just get some cat disease, and we’ll all be gone. Shoot, I got better things to do than worry about where I came from.”

Timothy licked a paw and rubbed it across his face. “Well, however I got here, I’m mighty glad I’m here. And if Father Cat created me, then I sure appreciate it.”

Smokey half closed his eyes. “Good attitude, buddy. Good attitude. If humans would just do like us cats and enjoy what they’ve got, the world would be a better place.”

Timothy stood up and looked down at his brothers romping about on the lawn. “Well, I’m going to go down and join the fun. I think the world is a wonderful place!”

Smokey suddenly felt very good about life in general. “Me too, Tim. Me too.”