The Cats Who Saved America, Chapter 3, part 2

Captain Kruger and the men accompanying him stopped at the gangplank, where they turned and saw another man approaching. The captain walked toward him and held out a hand.

“Dr. Von Braun,” he said. “I recognized you from your pictures. I’m Kruger, the captain of this vessel.”

Von Braun saluted him. “Yes, Captain. They said you’d be here. The Fuehrer asked me to come by, check the work and explain to you what’s being done.”

Kruger nodded. “Find. I’ve been wondering about all this. But I thought you were involved with space and rocketry. What does that have to do with an old ship?”

Von Braun put a hand on his shoulder and guided him up the gangplank.

“Well, it’s an interesting story. Let’s get up on the deck away from the others. Please don’t call me doctor, I’m not a doctor. Some university gave me that title. I’m just a scientist.”

“But aren’t you the one who’s directed the rocketry into London? Doing a lot of damage, I hear.”

Von Braun nodded. “Yes, so far as we can tell. I’m sure that’s why the Fuehrer came to me about the special project involving this ship.”

Kruger frowned. “Special project?”

“Von Braun paused near one of the installations on the deck.

“The Fuehrer asked me if small rockets could be launched from this vessel. I inspected the ship and told him yes, if the right kind of launching pad were installed.”

Kruger looked at the mechanical devices lining the deck. “Launching pads?”

“Then he asked me how many could be installed. I told him perhaps 20, but that they could not all be fired at the same time or there would be damage to the vessel. I suggested allowing 60 seconds between launchings.”

“What would be launched?” Kruger already knew.

“Rockets, Captain. Rockets carrying as much explosive material as possible. Rockets designed to travel not more than a few miles. This would be sort of a miniature version of the rocketry now targeting London, but London would not be the target.”

Kruger was beginning to understand. “The Fuehrer asked me if this ship could make it across the Atlantic, and I told him it could. So I presume the target would be America.”

“That’s correct, Captain. But a very special part of America. A part where it could do massive damage not only to the American people but to the nation’s business and economy. The kind of damage that would demoralize the American people and their government.”

Kruger was stunned. “You mean…Washington?”

Von Braun shook his head. “No, Captain. The Americans have all sorts of plans for abandoning their seat of government if it were attacked. No, not Washington. The city of New York, a place that has no plan of survival. Where Americans feel absolutely safe. The city of New York.”

to be continued…


The Cats Who Saved America, Chapter 3, part 1

It was early in the morning, a good time to hunt for rats on an old ship. The moon was setting in the West and the sun about to rise in the East.

It would have been a peacful morning on the Rhine River, expcet that workmen had been making noise all night and keeping Lili Marlene and Hans awake with the banging and clanging and sawing and hammering involved in putting some “special additions” on the old ship; and by order of Adolph Hitler himself the work had to be done by special crews sworn to secrecy under pain of death.

“What on earth are they doing?” Lili asked Hans, who was recovering well from his run-in with a bullet from the pistol of one of the fuehrer’s personal guards.

“I have no idea,” Hans told her.

“Some sort of project for the nasty little man who’s afraid of cats. But it appears the workmen have installed lots of small mechanical devices along one entire side of the ship. Come on, Lili, “Let’s go find a rat. There are some very large ones living on this vessel.”

Lili thought for a few moments.

“You go ahead. I may wait for Fritz to bring the breakfast scraps. They feed the crew very generously and there’s always a lot left over.”

Hans looked out toward the dock. “Is that nastly little man coming back? We dont’ want them shooting at us again.”

Lili began grooming herself. “Probably not till they start work again this evening. He comes and inspects what they’ve done the night before.”

It was daylight now, and several men were approaching. “Nothing to worry about. It’s Captain Kruger. I think he likes us. He tickled me under the chin the other day.”

Hans agreed and trotted off to inspect a dark passageway he knew led to the cabins where the crew ate.

Lili found a nesting place in sight of the dining area and curled up for a short nap.

to be continued…

The Cats Who Saved America

It’s been whispered about in Washington for more than half a century. Now for the first time ever, Cats Confidential is publishing exclusively the whole story, as developed by expert reporters from known facts and fiction based on interpretation of circumstantial evidence about the two cats who helped a German sea captain save America during World War II…

Introducing: The Cats Who Saved America!

To be presented in serial form with seven chapters.

Stay tuned…