How To Be A Cat

How To Be A Cat

How To Be A Cat

How does a kitten become a cat?

It learns from its mother. It learns from experience (often the hard way). It learns from humans. And sometimes, though very, very rarely, it learns from an older cat friend.

Timothy, a solid black kitten, was one of four siblings in his mother’s third and final litter. Timothy’s mother, after doing a good job or raising the kittens in her previous litters, disappeared. So did Timothy’s three siblings. And so Timothy was pretty much on his own while he was  a kitten.

But he found a friend. An elderly dark gray cat named Smokey, who himself had come to the Grey Rocks Cat Santuary as a young cat barely out of kittenhood.

Remarkably he formed a real attachment for Timothy, the little black kitten who wanted so badly to be his friend. The two were always together, and we know they were communicating about the subject of how to be a cat.

We reported their conversations in every issue of our newsletter, and so popular were these features that we have had many requests to compile them into a book.

Now we have done so.

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