Cat Prayers


Dear God,

Thank you for giving me so many years of life. And thank you for giving me the friendship of my wonderful kitty, who is also old, but who is loving and loyal.

I have outlived all my human friends, God, and I would be very lonely were it not for the companionship of my wonderful cat. Each morning she awakens me, and we share the happiness of a new day. Without my kitty, I would have nothing to look forward to.

Bless and protect my kitty, Dear God, and if it be your gracious will, allow my kitty and me to live out our days together, and when you decide it’s time for us to go to our eternal rest, let us do so together, just as we have lived for so long together, in love and peace.


A Prayer Of Appreciation For Cats

Dear God,

Today I was depressed, and knowing this, my cat came and sat beside me. Her presence reminded me of all the good things in my life, and my depression went away.

Having my cat near me, purring with love, made me realize that it is you whom I should thank for giving cats to the world, a gift that can truly benefit all humans in so many ways.

Thank you, God, for the love and loyalty of my cat and thank you on behalf of all humans who love cats for your kindness, compassion and wisdom in giving us the companionship of these wonderful friends to remind us of the joys and blessings in this life.

Prayer for a Lost Kitty

Dear God,

Our kitty is missing. We’ve looked everywhere and talked to all the neighbors, and now we come to you for help.

Please help us find our kitty and protect him from harm.

If our kitty is still on this earth, please help him find his way home.

If it is too late and our kitty has joined you in heaven, we want you to know how wonderful he was, always proudly living the life of the role model you created him to be.

Wherever our kitty may be, still here with us or in heaven with you, please bless him and protect him because to us and to everyone he represented love, life and truth.

Thank you, God.