50 Lessons To Improve Your Life…

Let Your Kitty Educate You

Let Your Kitty Educate You

Let Your Kitty Educate You

There’s an old story that when God couldn’t get the humans he had created to follow his instructions — no matter now many prophets and other wise people he sent to teach them–he decided that perhaps a more attractive and lovable teacher was needed. So he created the cat and gave it the power to demonstrate to humans, by example, various he things he wanted the humans to learn.

Cats teach us not by giving orders or making threats, as human teachers often do, but simply by demonstrating through their own lives and actions the important lessons humans will benefit by knowing.

For the past decade each issue of the monthly newsletter, Cats Confidential, has included a lesson we can — and should — learn from our cats. this book is a compilation of more than 50 of those lessons — all presented in a context with which we can easily identify.


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Are Cats Really Heroes? Why?

Cat Heroes

Cat Heroes

Yes! Because Of Their Love For Others!

Throughout history are reports of acts of heroism by men and women during wartime and in time of peace. In wartime it’s usually presumed that heroism is prompted by love of country and the cause for which he or she is fighting. But in peacetime there are all sorts of reasons why a “hero” might choose to act heroically.

And that brings us to cats, who have done more heroic things than can be counted. and always for the same reason —a good one—love.

A cat will risk its life to save a human an or animal it loves deeply. And it seems to be the only creature on earth that will take such an action for such a reason.

It’s all part of a cat’s philosophy of life, which, more than most of us would suspect, is based on one thing: Love. The stories in this book reflect this philosophy.

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Questions Without Answers….

God And His Cat

Although most of the animals domesticated by humans showed up many millennia earlier, the cat, as we know it today, made its appearance on earth only 5000 years ago.

godandhiscatAnd the cat is like no other creature on our planet. It can do things no other animal, including humans, can do. It has intelligence and mental abilities that are unparalleled among God’s creatures, and some of those mental abilities defy explanation. The cat is, in a word, unique.

So what is the cat? Where did it come from? Why is it here?

Cat “experts,” of which there are multitudes, all have theories, but none has any provable or even satisfactory answers to the questions above. So when we are asked these questions, we might well throw up our hands and exclaim, “God only knows!”

And that is what this book is all about. Maybe God is the only one who knows the answers to the mystery of the cat. Author Tom Williams explores what might have been God’s reasons for creating the cat and what he might have been thinking about during the 5000 years the cat has been among us.

You don’t hae to believe in a personal God to understand the message of this book. In fact, you don’t even have to believe in God.

An atheist may argue that there is no God.

But he certainly can’t argue that there is no cat.


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The Feline Political Classic….

IMG_3818Every cat person knows, as do many others, that cats possess mysterious mental and communicative abilities that defy human understanding and stagger human imagination. But can two cats who make up their minds to sabotage the presidential campaign of a conniving, villainous and extremely wealthy United States senator even have a chance of succeeding?

As soon as you meet Napoleon and Mr. Grover, the feline protagonists of this hilarious and heartwarming novel, you’ll know the answer.

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How To Be A Cat

How To Be A Cat

How To Be A Cat

How does a kitten become a cat?

It learns from its mother. It learns from experience (often the hard way). It learns from humans. And sometimes, though very, very rarely, it learns from an older cat friend.

Timothy, a solid black kitten, was one of four siblings in his mother’s third and final litter. Timothy’s mother, after doing a good job or raising the kittens in her previous litters, disappeared. So did Timothy’s three siblings. And so Timothy was pretty much on his own while he was  a kitten.

But he found a friend. An elderly dark gray cat named Smokey, who himself had come to the Grey Rocks Cat Santuary as a young cat barely out of kittenhood.

Remarkably he formed a real attachment for Timothy, the little black kitten who wanted so badly to be his friend. The two were always together, and we know they were communicating about the subject of how to be a cat.

We reported their conversations in every issue of our newsletter, and so popular were these features that we have had many requests to compile them into a book.

Now we have done so.

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Did You Ever Wonder…

Why God Gave Us Cats

Why God Gave Us Cats

Why God Gave Us Cats?

It is certainly possible that the title of this book oversteps political bounds. If you happen to be an atheist or an agnostic or believe in a god other than those worshiped in the dominant religions of the world, please don’t assume this booklet is not for you.

This is the book for you. This book is for everyone who loves cats.

Its point is that the cat — the one we call a house cat or a domesticated cat–was a gift to humankind, and a gift that benefits us all. However this gift may have come about, the cat has proven itself to be a unique and worthy addition to the world and this book will examine a few of the many, many reasons why.

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The Cats Who Saved America – Chapter 1, part 2

And so the “fireside chats” began, and, despite the fact that radio wasn’t quite perfected at this point, it seemed to work well in reaching those able to tune in.

But while Roosevelt was “trying out” on his listeners an assortment of ways he told them would improve the nation’s economy–some worked, others didn’t–the bad guys in Europe and elsewhere were very busy with their own projects, most of which revolved around conquering other people’s territory.

In the summer of 1934, Adolph Hitler carried out his “blood purge” of political and military rivals in Germany in what became known as the “Night Of The Long Knives.”

Germany and Japan entered into the Anti-Cominterm Pact, enabling axis nations to forge strategic plans of action.

Through all of this, one of Roosevelt’s biographers said, the West was “floundering” and Roosevelt was more of a “pussyfooting politician” than a political leader.

In 1936 Hitler, using the title “fuehrer,” sent troops into the Rhineland in a move that was an unquestionable threat to France.

A would-be dictator named Franco was busy grabbing Spain; and several other countries, including Germany and Italy, were ready to hail him as the new ruler of that country.

Mussolini was seizing Albania, while Franco was seizing Madrid, and FDR commented on the speed with which these things were happening in Europe. The Italian dictator had already grabbed Ethiopia.

Then came the invasion of Poland by Hitler, and within a brief time both Great Britain and France had declared war on Hitler’s Germany. Germany forced France and Britain to retreat to a place called Dunquerque, and both were calling on the United States for help.

Japan, meanwhile had come under the thumb of a warmonger named Tojo, and Pearl Harbor drew nearer, to no one’s great astonishment. The United States fully expected to be attacked by Japan on December 8th, 1941, but the attack came a day earlier. meanwhile the Germans had pushed British forces into Egypt. Europe was quite a mess.

And so was the United States.Tojo was swallowing up Guam, Wake Island and the Philippines, Malaya, Burma and the Dutch East Indies among other places.

Roosevelt need time to change America into a machine capable of fighting a war, and in the time this took American soldiers and Marines were trying to defend themselves with the weapons their fathers had used in World War I. Rifles were bolt action Springfields which were eventually replaced by a rifle called the Garand, a semi-automatic gun, firing each time the trigger was pulled. Its main claim to fame was that it could be buried in several feet of messy mud and still brought out in working condition.

Hitler’s admirals urged him to attack Atlantic supply lines over which America was sending arms and other things to Great Britain. But Hitler refused because he had set his sights on conquering Russia.

Americans responded well to Roosevelt’s call to arms. School children, even little boys, learned to knit and knitted squares from which blankets were made and sent to the British.

American factories were converted to produce war materials. A plant that had made mix masters, for instance, ended up making .45 caliber pistols. And during the two years following Pearl Harbor things began to get better for the United States. in 1942 Jimmy Doolittle led a raid from an aircraft carrier to bomb Tokyo, and by 1943 Roosevelt and others in high places were confident we would eventually win.

U.S. troops forced the Germans out of Africa, invaded Sicily and Italy and otherwise turned things around. Hitler saw his world-conquering plan coming apart. And he knew something would have to be done if the Germans were to keep on being the “master race.”

The Nazi dictator had seen the state of array American interests fell into after Pearl Harbor. He had listened to Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” and he decided something had to be done to create a “Pearl Harbor East,” something that would upset U.S. interests in Europe just as Pearl Harbor had upset them in the West, which was now experiencing strong counter-attacks by U.S. forces to recapture islands and other locations lost to the Japanese.

Yes, a “Pearl Harbor East” was on the mind of Adolf Hitler. But how to accomplish that?