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Are Cats Really Heroes? Why?

Cat Heroes

Cat Heroes

Yes! Because Of Their Love For Others!

Throughout history are reports of acts of heroism by men and women during wartime and in time of peace. In wartime it’s usually presumed that heroism is prompted by love of country and the cause for which he or she is fighting. But in peacetime there are all sorts of reasons why a “hero” might choose to act heroically.

And that brings us to cats, who have done more heroic things than can be counted. and always for the same reason —a good one—love.

A cat will risk its life to save a human an or animal it loves deeply. And it seems to be the only creature on earth that will take such an action for such a reason.

It’s all part of a cat’s philosophy of life, which, more than most of us would suspect, is based on one thing: Love. The stories in this book reflect this philosophy.

Regular price: $9.50, marked down to $7.50 during our Summer Book Sale!


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