If your cat likes to go outside, check all information available to see if coyotes have been seen in your area.

Coyotes are small wolves, and they are rapidly taking over many areas of our country. They love cats –as meals.

Why are coyotes taking over our country?

Lots of people and organizations are to blame, starting with western cattle men who thought that coyotes were killing their herds. The cattlemen drove the coyotes east with gunfire and everything else available.

Also, blame the federal government, which literally moved hundreds of coyotes from the west to many eastern areas of the country.

The result has been that coyotes are now living all over Southeastern states and are moving to the north and northeast. A coyote was seen recently in New York’s Central Park, and it took much manpower to catch it.

Coyotes prey on cats and small dogs and often become very bold if garbage with food is left where they can find it.

The number of pets killed and eaten by coyotes is growing, and this means you’d better keep you cat inside if coyotes are in your area.

How do you drive away this animal?

It’s tough to do but there is one other animal it is afraid of, besides humans. Though, the coyote itself is a breed of wolf, it is very much afraid of wolves and will not go where it knows wolves are.

How does it know?

It knows by the signs wolves leave — mostly urine, which is how many animals identify other animals, friend or foe.

There are companies which sell urine of various animals, including wolf urine, which can be sprayed or placed around a yard to keep coyotes out.

But if you have a cat companion, don’t chances. If there are coyotes are around, keep you kitty indoors. It’s the only sure way to protect its safety.


Cat Conversations with Smokey and Timothy


It was a pleasant summer evening, and Smokey and little Timothy were sitting on the hillside patio overlooking the main yard of the Grey Rocks Cat Sanctuary, watching several of the other cats come and go along the driveway.

His eyes wide with youthful curiosity, Timothy turned to look at his large gray/black friend. “Where did we come from, Uncle Smokey?” You and I and all the rest of the cats in the world?”

Smokey settled into a crouch and half closed his eyes. “Good question, boy. I don’t know and neither do the humans. ‘Course, some of ’em think they do, and they’re the ones who keep the others all confused. My Mama used to tell me that way back a long time ago, Father Cat — kind of a huge old Maine Coon, I think, with a long, fluffy tail— decided there needed to be more cats on earth, and he just created a couple of ’em out of nothing. They looked just like him. Well, they multiplied like rabbits, and so here we are.”

Timothy’s eyes grew even larger. “Really?”

Smokey yawned. “Well, it’s a little far-fetched, I admit, and Mama did say a lot of cats believe it ain’t true. They think we evolved from things like the big ol’ sabor-toothed tigers. But, then, that raises the question of who created the big ol’ saber-toothed tigers. Ain’t no real good answer, son. But what I’ve come to believe is, what the heck difference does it make?”

Timothy was puzzled. “What do you mean?”

I mean we’re here, and we got this great gift called life, and if we sit around worryin’ about stuff like that, life’s gonna be over before we get a chance to enjoy it. We’ll get hit by a garbage truck or et up by a coyote or just get some cat disease, and we’ll all be gone. Shoot, I got better things to do than worry about where I came from.”

Timothy licked a paw and rubbed it across his face. “Well, however I got here, I’m mighty glad I’m here. And if Father Cat created me, then I sure appreciate it.”

Smokey half closed his eyes. “Good attitude, buddy. Good attitude. If humans would just do like us cats and enjoy what they’ve got, the world would be a better place.”

Timothy stood up and looked down at his brothers romping about on the lawn. “Well, I’m going to go down and join the fun. I think the world is a wonderful place!”

Smokey suddenly felt very good about life in general. “Me too, Tim. Me too.”

The Cats Who Saved America, Chapter 2, part 2


The fuehrer and his bodyguards were gone. Captain Kruger was on the dock talking with Fritz about preparations of the old boat for an ocean trip. The captain had assured Hitler that the boat could handle it, and Hitler had replied that within a few weeks crews would arrive to make “special preparations” in several areas of the vessel. He did not say exactly what, but made it clear that all work would be carried out secretly, and everything done would be explained to Captain Kruger well in advance of the ship’s departure.

Lili Marlene hurried along the deck, sniffing at doors of cabins and storage areas until she found one that had been left partially open. She went to it, paused, and looked around and knew immediately what was inside.

And the cat communications began. Fritz knew she would find the cabin and wanted her to know that her friend Hans was alive.

Cats communicate mind to mind, and there are humans, including Fritz, who are able sometimes to tune in on those communications.

Lili went straight to a box containing old rags which had been fashioned into a bed. Hans was there, sleeping, and Lili awakened them.

“Hans! Are you alright?”

The male cat opened his eyes.

“Hello there, Lili. I’m thankful they didn’t shoot at you. Those humans must be crazy. Who was the idiot doing all the screaming?”

Lili sat down next to the box of rags, relieved to find Hans had survived.

“Did they hurt you? Did you get hit  by a bullet?”

Hans sat up in a crouch.

“Just barely scraped one of my legs,” he said. “I’ll be alright in a day or so. Those crazy people are gone, are they not?”

“Yes. And I see Fritz brought you something to eat. The crazy little human doing the screaming wanted him to throw you in the river.”

Hans licked his hurt leg. “I know. I heard him. And Lili, as you know, we cats are able to detect things about certain humans, and it was clear to me that I was confronted by a human who was pure evil.”

“The crazy little human doing the screaming is the chancellor of our country of Germany. And he is, as you said, a lunatic who deserves to be removed from this earth. I would love to get my claws into him.”

Hans closed his eyes and opened them again. “He will receive what he is due, sooner or later.”

Lili stood up. “I believe I could take him down with one leap and claw his throat.”

Hans looked up at Lili, who was almost twice his size. “I’m sure you could, Lili, but I have a feeling we will have an opportunity for revenge on that monster.”

Lili looked down at him. “A feeling?”

Hans turned over. “We cats get feelings about things, I have a feeling we will have the opportunity of punishing this crazy devili of a human. But we must be patient.”

Hans was about to go back to sleep. “I hope so. That human is capable of destroying other humans. Not just cats. Perhaps we can stop him.”

Lili sat up, tasted a little of the scraps Fritz had left and then groomed herself. “I know. Those humans are dangerous not just to the humans around here but to the world. They’re out to hurt and kill other humans. I hope we can stop them.”

Hans lay back down and closed his eyes. “Fritz will help. He told me he was going with us on the voyage.”

“Go to sleep, Hans. So your leg will heal. You and I and Fritz may have a chance to stop these insane humans from hurting anyone else. But I think we’d both better stay out of sight. I’m sure there will be lots of humans coming to work on this ship to get it ready.”

Hans closed his eyes. But before he went to sleep he communicated one message to Lili: “My feeling is that what they’re planning will be something dangerously evil and will be a threat to many, many other humans. We need to find out what they’re got to do and stop them.”

“Yes, indeed,” Lili replied. “And we will do it, Hans. You just get plenty of rest.”

to be continued…

50 Lessons To Improve Your Life…

Let Your Kitty Educate You

Let Your Kitty Educate You

Let Your Kitty Educate You

There’s an old story that when God couldn’t get the humans he had created to follow his instructions — no matter now many prophets and other wise people he sent to teach them–he decided that perhaps a more attractive and lovable teacher was needed. So he created the cat and gave it the power to demonstrate to humans, by example, various he things he wanted the humans to learn.

Cats teach us not by giving orders or making threats, as human teachers often do, but simply by demonstrating through their own lives and actions the important lessons humans will benefit by knowing.

For the past decade each issue of the monthly newsletter, Cats Confidential, has included a lesson we can — and should — learn from our cats. this book is a compilation of more than 50 of those lessons — all presented in a context with which we can easily identify.


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The Cats Who Saved America, Chapter 2, part 1



At a dock in the Rhine River there was a very old but very large ship, which had carried freight and then been converted to carry oil and finally to carry weapons in case it was attacked. The vessel served no purpose and was expendable. And it suited Hitler’s plan perfectly. It was a chilly spring night when a squinty-eyed old man named Fritz took Captain Kruger, a much-revered hero for saving a destroyer from being sunk by a submarine on a tour of the old ship. Accompanying them was a cat.

“That,” observed Kruger, “is the largest domestic cat I’ve ever seen. What do you call it?”

“It’s a Forest Cat, Captain,” Fritz replied. “Just one step away from linking the wild cats with our housecats.” He petted the cat. “She is a big one, isn’t she? We call her Lili Marlene for the girl in the song that’s so popular with our troops.”

“I’ve always been fond of cats,” Kruger said, leaning down to get a better look at Lili. “But let me warn you. Get her out of sight, because the fuehrer is to meet us on the dock, and you may have heard about his problem with cats,”

Fritz looked at him quizzically. Kruger, a very large man, stood straight and gazed down at the cat, who was now sniffing his leg.

“Cats drive him crazy,” the captain said. “Even crazier than he already is. Please don’t quote me or he’ll have my head. The man throws fits if he sees a cat. Orders his bodyguards to kill every cat in sight. So send your cat back on the ship and tell her to stay hidden.”

“Will he let her stay on the ship?” Fritz asked. “And I’d like to go too, if you take her out.”

“When there are men on the ship, it means there’ll be rats. She’ll serve a good purpose. But not a word to the fuehrer..” He paused and listened. “I think I hear them coming now. Get the cat back on the ship.”

Fritiz guided Lili to a cabin door and pushed her inside. “You be quiet now.” he told her. “No noise,” He turned to the Kruger. “Will the fuehrer get on the ship?”

“I doubt it,” the captain replied. “Let’s stay on the dock. I can tell him all about the vessel.”

Fritz was curious. “What does he plan to do, Captain?”

Kruger shrugged. “Your guess is as good as mine, Mr. Fritz. Perhaps he’ll tell us. But I know he wants to take the vessel out, and I think she’s in shape to make at least one more trip.” He turned back toward where Hitler and a small group of bodyguards were approaching.

Suddenly there was a scream, and three of the men accompanying Hitler moved closer to him as if to protect him. Two uniformed men drew their pistols, the modern Walther P-38s, and pointed them toward the end of the dock.

“Kill it!” screamed Hitler. “Kill it!”

He was struggling to get loose from the plain clothes bodyguards, but they guarded him as if an assassination attempt was occurring.

“Cat,” Hitler screamed. “Cat! Kill it!”

One of the uniformed men aimed his pistol and fired three shots, and Kruger could see something about 50 feet away thrown high into the air.

Now the other uniformed man fired, and whatever it was slumped down in a heap, still moving.

“We got it,” one of the men told the fuehrer quietly. “Nothing to fear now,” He holstered his gun.

Fritz had witnessed all this from the gangplank and now hurried to where a wounded cat was lying.

He scooped it up in his arms and walked back toward the ship.

“Throw it in the river,” screamed Hitler. “Throw it in…”

Fritz started up the gangplank.

“I’m taking it to the other side of the ship,” he told Hitler. “Where the water is deeper.”

Hitler did not reply and Fritz reached the top of the gangplank and disappeared through the door.

And the “attack” on Germany’s chancellor was over.


Are Cats Really Heroes? Why?

Cat Heroes

Cat Heroes

Yes! Because Of Their Love For Others!

Throughout history are reports of acts of heroism by men and women during wartime and in time of peace. In wartime it’s usually presumed that heroism is prompted by love of country and the cause for which he or she is fighting. But in peacetime there are all sorts of reasons why a “hero” might choose to act heroically.

And that brings us to cats, who have done more heroic things than can be counted. and always for the same reason —a good one—love.

A cat will risk its life to save a human an or animal it loves deeply. And it seems to be the only creature on earth that will take such an action for such a reason.

It’s all part of a cat’s philosophy of life, which, more than most of us would suspect, is based on one thing: Love. The stories in this book reflect this philosophy.

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Questions Without Answers….

God And His Cat

Although most of the animals domesticated by humans showed up many millennia earlier, the cat, as we know it today, made its appearance on earth only 5000 years ago.

godandhiscatAnd the cat is like no other creature on our planet. It can do things no other animal, including humans, can do. It has intelligence and mental abilities that are unparalleled among God’s creatures, and some of those mental abilities defy explanation. The cat is, in a word, unique.

So what is the cat? Where did it come from? Why is it here?

Cat “experts,” of which there are multitudes, all have theories, but none has any provable or even satisfactory answers to the questions above. So when we are asked these questions, we might well throw up our hands and exclaim, “God only knows!”

And that is what this book is all about. Maybe God is the only one who knows the answers to the mystery of the cat. Author Tom Williams explores what might have been God’s reasons for creating the cat and what he might have been thinking about during the 5000 years the cat has been among us.

You don’t hae to believe in a personal God to understand the message of this book. In fact, you don’t even have to believe in God.

An atheist may argue that there is no God.

But he certainly can’t argue that there is no cat.


God and His Cat – regular price, $9.50, marked down to $7.50 during our Summer Book Sale!