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The Cats Who Saved America – Foreword

Like so many other puzzles that have found their way into the pages of history, the story that follows has many pieces, some of them quite tantalizing, that seem as if they should support it. But putting the pieces together is almost impossible without the knowledge locked in the minds of those no longer alive or otherwise unable to provide what is necessary to create a firm, clear picture of who did what and when.

Yes, there were definitely two cats: one a large female known as a forest cat and the other a normal-sized male tabby. Yes, there was a secret meeting at the White House early on a morning in 1943. Yes, there were hints in the notes of Werhner von Braun, the rocket scientist who came to the United States after the war. Yes, there was a German sea captain who was turned over to the Federal Bureau of Investigation after J. Edgar Hoover had been given authority to guard America against espionage. Yes, the captain disappeared in a move much like today’s witness protection programs. And, yes, among the papers of Adolph Hitler were found transcripts of several of President Franklin Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” on a new medium called radio, as well as news reports of Col. Jimmy Doolittle’s 1942 raid on Tokyo. And, most interesting of all, perhaps, was the fact that a president so well known for his beloved Scottie dog Fala apparently opened his door and heart to — believe it or not — not one cat, but two cats — cats who had apparently earned the right to spend the rest of their lives in — yes– the New World.

But how does it all come together? A young man who loved cats has devoted much of his life to trying to find out. It was his devotion to this effort, purely the result of love of cats  — that caught the attention of the author of this book, who also loves cats.


2 thoughts on “The Cats Who Saved America – Foreword

  1. Dear… I would love to order 3 books.. how can I do that? As all the books Tom Wrote this one will be a wonderful story.

    Thanks a lot for your answer. If you tell me how much I have to pay I sent it to you by post. Many purrs and love Kitties, dogs and Marg

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