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Lessons from Cats

IMG_2861The Importance of Listening: Something Cats Know, But Humans Too Often Forget

A very wise person once said, “Everybody lies. But it’s okay, because nobody ever listens.”

When we humans are young, and our hearing is good, we often forget to pay attention to what is being said to us. That means we’re not listening. And by not listening we’re missing something — something that could very well be extremely important. Something that might keep us from making a mistake. Or from getting hurt or even killed.

Maybe what’s being said to us isn’t very important, because humans, particularly young humans, have a way of talking a lot but saying very little. Still, it’s a fact that the world loves a good listener. And just the act of listening can help up win friends and influence people.

As we grow older, we all lose our hearing. Some of us are wise enough to invest in hearing aids. Others are too proud to admit they’re deaf and struggle along trying to figure out what’s being said. But there’s one thing we all learn: How important it is to listen.

Cat’s already know this. The’ve known it all their lives, and nature has endowed them with a couple of remarkable listening devices —ears that rotate like acutely sensitive satellite dishes, to tune in on the sounds around them.

Watch your cat’s ears move when it hears something. Your cat knows how to listen. What it hears may be something endangering it. Or it may be the sound of prey —something to eat. Or a refrigerator door opening. Or the sound of an automoblie bringing its human home from work. Cats know how to listen. How to pay attention. They don’t want to miss anything.

Think how much you and I might be missing when we simply tune somebody out by not listening. Unless your’e old and hard of hearing, it’s very easy to do. And it could result in problems. Small problems and big ones. So let’s all learn to listen.

Cats can show us how.


3 thoughts on “Lessons from Cats

  1. I can’t tell you how happy I was to check my emails and see that there were new Cats Confidential posts. They brighten my day more than you’ll ever know.

    A suggestion: Would you consider posting the conclusion of the “The Cats Who Saved America” story on this site? I am dying to know what happened. Or is the book coming out soon?

    P.S. I want to commend Peggy Hampton on doing a wonderful job with the artwork on all of the books in the Cats Confidential Library, especially God And His Cat, which is one of the greatest Cat themed books of all time, written by Tom Williams.

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